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Anyway I thought it was time to write a blog about my photography as the last post was about my impending 'retirement' from Portrait photography. I have been a little quiet on the photography front since not 100% of my choosing just needed to take a break from it all and get back my 'mojo' for it. 

So what has happened since last summer
Well I have taken stock thought about what I like doing, what I'd like to do and more importantly what I don't like doing. I have really only used my camera a couple of times in this time once at one of my favourite places ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. This is one of my favourite pictures from that day just after Christmas.

Stop trying to be something I'm not I think is the key. Yes I enjoy photography but I'm never going to turn professional and I don't want to pressure myself into trying to be better than anyone else and I think there was an element of that creeping in which meant I was losing the enjoyment of it. I'm an amateur photographer, I enjoy it, occasionally I will take a really good picture but most of all I will be enjoying myself while I do it and that has to be the overriding factor in how I approach my photography going forward.

I was spending too much money ....
.... on photography and that stopped me enjoying the other things in life that I like to do like watching my football team, spending time with Sonja and George, riding my motorbike, going to concerts, the theatre and the like. So I have to make some decisions like stopping the tech race. I have to stop trying to have the latest piece of kit, the latest version of software etc etc. For instance I was part of the Adobe Photography Plan but I never used Photoshop only Lightroom so why was I paying for something i wasn't using? Simples right? So I have cancelled that 'membership' and I've reverted back to the last version of Lightroom that I 'owned' outright. This has meant that I have had to rebuild my library of pictures as I hadn't used this version since late 2014 or something like that. Fortunately I hadn't tidied up my computer and still had the Lightroom versions library's at the time I upgraded. So at least I have  some of my original edits of my work pre that date. Anyway this process has giving me the opportunity to

Go back to the very beginning
I started serious photography in March 2011, that seems so so long ago now a lot of things have happened in that time. What I do know is that my skills at taking and editing pictures has vastly improved. So I've decided that I should revisit some of my early work and re-edit them. I started off by reworking pictures from my very first photoshoot back in May 2011.


This was taken at a local camera club for which I am no longer a member (that's a story for another time). The picture on the right is a re-edit from that shoot. As you can see the lighting set up was at best appalling but I had no idea at the time how to set up studio lights or what settings to use on my camera. I just dialled it to manual and took some settings from one of the gents attending the shoot at the club. I have reworked all the images I took that evening about 50 I think it was and about half of them have been uploaded to a gallery in the portraiture area.

This was a good exercise....
.... as it has shown me how my skills have developed not only on how to set up the camera, the lights (although Andrew at Saracen House Studio does that most of the time, cheers buddy) but how to compose the photograph etc and I sat there thinking wow I've come a long way in this time. It was a good feeling  completing this exercise at the beginning of April. It has helped me get my photography mojo back. Sometimes in life you need to step back and look at where you have come from, be it work or play, and this was the perfect exercise to demonstrate that to me. 

So what's next....
.... well for starters I want to get the camera out and take some photos that hasn't happened in a good while. So I have booked my seat at IWM Duxford Spring Airshow in late May. This is one of my favourite events of the year to photograph, I don't know what it is about taking pictures of aircraft but it just does it for me. I hope to be able to go to a few more air shows this year although I won't be going to RIAT this year, I got a bit bored with it last year maybe I should be Billy no mates and go on my own next time maybe in 2018. I have also booked an hour on one of Saracen House Studios model days. I used to do hour shoots and really enjoy them then I stepped up to two hours and felt I had to do too much in the time so I'm dipping my toe back in and see if I enjoy it again. It's with Carla Monaco so not bad model to reintroduce myself to the model photography genre. 
We're also planning a holiday near to Dorset's fantastic Jurassic Coast in the summer. I'm hoping for a few good sun rises and sun sets for some good landscapes/Seascapes of this beautiful part of England. I'm also hoping for some clear nights to try....

This is a subject that has really intrigued me for quite a while and I don't know why I haven't tried this genre of photography before! So this is on my agenda for 2017 I think I have the right kit just not necessarily the right knowledge. So I need to do some research and work out how to set up my kit for it and go out and practice somewhere local, maybe up at Houghton House near Ampthill would be a good place although there maybe too much light pollution up there but until I can try I guess see what gives.
Some of the pictures of the night sky are just stunning and if I manage to get just get one remotely good I will be chuffed as nuts! I think this is something that you need to try try and try again but this is photography, practice makes you better, very few of us make it to perfect.

So what else??? oh yes my website needs a refresh/redesign
... again this is always a task that I need to block a couple of days away to work on. Its time to have a complete revamp so look out for a new look coming soon

Right I'm going to sign off now and get on with my website planning 

Happy snapping people


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Portraiture Photography - A Sad Day https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2016/6/portraiture-photography---a-sad-day Hello all


I have been thinking about this for a while and after recent events this has prompted me in making this decision. So today with heavy heart I announce that after my last the studio day booking later this year I will no longer be doing Portraiture Photography.

There are a few reasons why I've decided to do this and it’s mainly a personal choice between photography and football. With the cost of living due to increase considerably in the coming months for one reason or another (I won’t go into that topic now) I have made the choice to spend my hard earned cash on things I enjoy doing with my family and friends i.e. going to football games, visiting new places, attending airshows, watching various other sporting events etc etc . It’s not possible for me to now do both so I’ve had to let something go.

I do enjoy portraiture photography, I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends however I don’t enjoy it enough and therefore I have come to this conclusion. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that I have worked with over the years, those that have helped me, coached me and mentored me, it has been a real blast. I have made some very good friends and I have learned a lot about photography but most importantly I learned a lot about myself.


Thank you and happy snapping.



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Remembering the journey https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2014/11/remembering-the-journey Morning All

I am currently sitting in the spare room on my new computer. The rest of the household are still asleep and this is has given me the opportunity to write this my first blog in over 6 months!!

So the new computer ... I'm in the middle of setting her up and boy does its takes an age. Getting the software on actually hasn't been that bad having two Adobe licenses has helped me transfer my Lightroom catalogue (yes Adobe that's how you spell CATALOGUE!) and all the other software has been installed relatively easily. I don’t really like Windows 8 but its not as bad as Vista nothing could be that bad!

Priory SwanOne of the first pictures I took on my D3100 The difficult part has been transferring all my images over. My poor old laptop had run out of space a long long time ago so I had some on the WiFi network drive and some on an external USB drive and most of 2014’s on the laptop. So getting all these images over on to my new desktop with its 2tb hard drive was the plan. This has taken some time probably because I didn’t start the process as well as I could have but I have never done this before so it was a learning process. Anyway the process is almost complete the last files are being copied over as I type J

However there is a good side effect to all this and that is as the images are being moved over I have been able to go back to the beginning of this photography journey. If you don’t know this all started for me in March 2011 when my parents and Sonja helped me purchase a DSLR camera. 

20141101-DSC_9968-EditJo Louise one from my last pictures


I had always been interested in photography as a youngster but the cost of films, processing and camera equipment put me off from being serious about it. Anyway looking back at the however many thousands of pictures I have taken (Lightroom says over 35000 but I have taken many more than that they are just the ones I have saved!) I have begun to realise what a journey I have been on in the past three and a half years.

I have gone from a complete novice not knowing what shooting in RAW meant what PASM stood for on the top of the camera to shooting my first wedding this year. It's been an incredible journey, I have met and become friends with some fantastic people, I've seen once in a lifetime events like the two flying Lancaster bombers this year and have them recorded, would I have seen that if I didn't like to photograph air shows? who knows but I am thankful that photography has given me this memory and for this journey I am on.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Sonja, Mum and Dad in helping me start this journey. Without you I would not be here writing about something that I have become very passionate about. I love photography it’s given me a lease of life away from my day to day work, something I can just do without the stresses and strains of work.

I will sign off now as I hear some movement I suspect they would like a cup of tea made for them, actually I want a brew so ttfn

Happy Snapping



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Two weeks late https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2014/3/two-weeks-late This was written on a train to London 16-March-2014 and I forgot to post it!
So I find myself travelling up to London again this time it's to watch my son perform in the Hertfordshire Schools Gala at the Royal Albert Hall. I thought it would be a great excuse to take the camera up to London again and take some pictures in and around this fabulous building, With Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens just across the road this not an area of London I have been to that often.
Last weekend was fabulous and I am looking forward to doing more photography this year than last. London on a sunny but not too hot day is just great :-) I love London can you tell although I could never live and /or work there.
This year I intend to upgrade my camera not that I really need to or dislike my d3100 it's so easy to use it has been a good friend as they say. In some circumstances this year I am going to need to have a backup camera so I thought I would buy a newer camera and keep the d3100 as my backup one. I would like to upgrade to the muted d7200 if it comes out however I think this will be after I really need it so I may have to plump for either the D5300 or D7100. Really I would love a D800 but I'm not going to be able to afford that and also as I only have DX lenses so I wouldn't be using it to its full capabilities. Although using them on it would give me a higher resolution than I have on the D3100. Like most Nikon users I would love to have the flagship D4s however there is no way I will be able to buy that. I had a play with one at the photography show and it was just simply serblime. One day when I win the Euromillions maybe lol
The trouble with anything electronic these days is that as soon as you have purchased it the next best thing is not far behind it and I think for photography it's more important to have a Camera you are happy using than necessarily having the latest gadget. you don't need all the latest gizmos most photographers will be using M, S or A anyway I can't remember the last time I used an auto setting on my camera.
So next week I'm heading to the wonderful Woburn Safari Park. I'm attending a Wild Cat photography workshop really looking forward to this I hope it's a lovely dry day not to sunny just a nice dry day will do. Last weekend i spent most of my time at Hamerton Zoo Park taking pictures of their Cheetahs and Tigers. I got some very good pictures but I think I can do better I'm hoping to pick up some good tips on the day that I can use at other zoos. On at subject I didn't realise how many 'little' zoos there are around the country, you hear of the big ones London Whipsnade Chester Colchester Edinburgh etc etc but before a couple of weeks ago I was completely unaware of Hamerton Linton Shepruth that are relatively local to me. I think some days out and about are called for! 
One of the best reasons I like going to zoos to photograph the animals is that I generally go on my own and I just get away from the world and it's just me my camera and the animals I have often found that you need some time and space just to do things on your own and photography has helped me no end in dealing with life's stresses and strains.
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February & March reviewed https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2014/3/february-march-reviewed It's been a while since I have blogged as always I say I will more blog often and never get round to it. Maybe I should just do a monthly blog reviewing the previous month and previewing the next let's see how i get on with that!

February Reviewed

So February was supposed to be my first shoot with Becky Dee however I had to cancel due my blooming day job most gutted about that! I have to say thank you to Andrew for finding someone to fill my hour cheers buddy. As some of you know February is the month of my birth and I had a lovely birthday, photography wise a couple of nice people paid for me to attend Andrew Appleton's Portrait Photography workshop at Saracen House Studio, I would like to publicly thank them for their generosity I was and still am overwhelmed and humbled.

As with all of Andrew's workshops I have attended this was a relaxed and learning experience I always leave with brain ache as I have so much to absorb. The people on the course where great too and this is another common theme with these workshops it was a pleasure to spend a day in their company. 
It was also the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Zara Watson and what a fabulous character she is and damp good model to! I'm looking forward to working with her again next month!
So that was February and on to March.

Moving on to March

It was supposed to have been a quite month but I seem to have found my photography mojo again which is not bad thing I can tell you.

Yesterday I had the day to myself so I thought I would visit one of the local zoos/wildlife parks so I decided on Hamerton Zoo Park I don't know why it just sounded good. They have a few tigers and Cheetahs that are good to photograph so I snapped away 667 pictures later I decided to leave and go home :-) first glance I have some good pictures but I should have taken a tri or mono pod really need a monopod that can take the weight of my big lens. Another item to the growing wish list! As I write this I'm on my way to and from a lovely day in London I went in early so I have taken some street and cityscapes looking forward to seeing them on the laptop later.

So that's my review on to the preview ....

What's Next

In a couple of weeks I'm doing a wild cat photography workshop at Woburn Safari Park I'm really looking forward to that I love taking pictures of big cats so I'm hoping I'll get access to parts of Woburn that normal folk don't :-) we shall see. April is going to be a big month for my photography actually 2014 is going to be but more of that in my next blog as the train in pulling into Bedford station

Happy snapping


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A Guilder https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2014/1/a-guilder So Happy New Year one and all, I hope you all had a fabulous festive break. Seems a long time ago already doesn't it.

2013 was a big year for me and my photography I think something clicked and I have I feel made great strides. With the help of the Andrews (Griffiths and Appleton) I think I have found my style in the studio. Both the Andrew Appleton workshops (Beauty & Fashion in February and Boudoir in October) I attended at Saracen House were really beneficial I learnt so much on those courses. I can't recommend them highly enough.

So I have a lot to look forward to in 2014 like most people lets try and make it as positive as possible!

So just before Christmas I decided that I would join the Guild of Photographers. Being part of an organisation can only help my development as a photographer. I hope in the future to being the Guild qualification so I can become a 'Craftsman'.

I think this is a little way off to be honest but I can make a start. These things always take longer to do than you first realise.

This month I have an hour booked on Nicky Phillips (previously known as Hannah Zebedee) studio day at Saracen House. I missed out on Nicky's last studio day so I am really looking forward to that.
So things I want to achieve this year
  • Learn to use Photoshop to touch up my images
  • Photograph a wedding
  • Photograph the Red Arrows again
  • Photograph a Kingfisher
  • BE HAPPY!!

Anyway that's enough from me

Happy snapping



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EKD https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2013/11/ekd Hello Again

Now those that have read my previous post will know that I am writing this one to specifically talk about my latest studio day at Saracen House.

I don't normally single people out however the studio day (well it was actually a weekend) was with Emma Kate Dawson. Now unfortunately it appears that this studio weekend will be Emma's last at Saracen House and this is very sad very sad indeed. I completely understand why Emma has made her decision but I wanted to share why I feel its a shame to you all as I think Emma is rather special.

Saturday was the first time I had booked a two hour shoot on one of Saracen House's studio days/weekends I am normally a one hour light weight however I did so after talking to Emma after our first shoot together earlier in the year. We had both felt rushed in getting changes done not only in outfits but lighting to so it sounded to me that two hours would give a much more relaxed shoot. So I booked the first two hours on Saturday morning, we arrived at the same time so we had our caffeine infused drinks (mine a pint of tea as normal) and for the first time a model asked me if she could review the pictures from our first shoot, I was a little taken a back no one had asked me that before. Fortunately I had my iPad with me so I hooked up to my website and we went through the pictures in the EKD gallery. It quickly became apparent to me that Emma was very conscious that she didn't want to pose the same way, dress the same way, she wanted to make sure I walked away with something different. I really appreciated that, really appreciated that a lot. And this is what in my mind makes Emma different.

Throughout the two hours we worked and reviewed the work together and I have come away with some really good pictures. Now I know that a lot of this is stuff is up to me as the photographer to dictate what poses, outfits worn etc etc however for an amateur like me to have the feeling that someone is that involved in our shoot together really impressed me. Now please don't misunderstand me I am also not saying other models I have worked with don't care or work so hard I know and seen they very much do. The point I am making is that its the way Emma went about her job on Saturday that impressed me and that is what will be missed.

I left Saturday with many smiles but I'm also sad in that I may never work with EKD again but I can safely say Saturday was the best most rewarding shoot I have done so far.

Thanks EKD you are awesome!


the.photographer@dannysdollymixtures.co.uk (Daniel Seabrook Photography) EKD Emma Kate Dawson Saracen House https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2013/11/ekd Mon, 11 Nov 2013 11:51:48 GMT
Happy Days https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2013/11/happy-days Good Morning all

It's been far too long since I have blogged :-( I really am slack at it, terrible me.

So I thought I would update you all on in my photography world over the past few weeks.

Seska J @ Space Studio St Albans

Firstly I tried out a new studio, Space Studio in St Albans. This is not because I don't like working at Saracen House far from it. I am more than comfortable working at SH and Andrew himself is good friend and has helped me with my photography no end over the past 18 months or so however sometimes you need to broaden your horizons and get yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Having worked with Seska a few times and being friends on Facebook I noticed a post advertising a studio day at the Space Studio. So I thought why not I knew Seska and it would be a good opportunity to try out the new studio. I really enjoyed working there James is really good and helpful, and the studio itself has masses of potential I am sure James if fully aware of that, the amount of natural light coming in the big windows will I am sure make it very popular if its not already.

To the left is one of the pictures from that shoot, its always a pleasure to work with Seska! I will shoot again at Space just when the studio days don't clash with Watford home games!

Later on in October I ventured back to Saracen House for another studio day, this time it was to shoot Stephanie Knight again. 

Again Steph is another model that is really easy to get along and work with. Her appearance is always stunning and her make up flawless. As with all good models she knows what works for her and what makes good pictures and I really had a great difficulty in selecting pictures for my gallery, only one picture I need to bin and that was down to the numpty behind the lens and not Steph!

At the time of this shoot I just needed to relax and take some photos and Steph just did what she does best and made for a really relaxing enjoyable shoot. Of course working at Saracen House with the great tea making helped!

Steph Knight @ Saracen House October 2013

The following day I was back at Saracen House for another great Andrew Appleton Workshop. This time the subject was Boudoir Photography. The Genre itself generates many different opinions and we started off the session with defining what is boudoir photography. 

This along with many genres be it in music or photography can mean different things to different people and different nationalities. As some of you know I use Pinterest a lot for ideas and I pin quite a few pictures to my Boudoir Ideas board. However a lot of pictures are posted to Pinterest as 'Boudoir' that in my mind are Glamour, Pin up, Art Nude or even higher levels. Some of the pictures I pin myself I feel are not necessarily Boudoir but the pose, outfit or the setting can be with different lighting and aperture settings. It s something that we could have sat discussing over coffee for most of the day I felt.

We had the lovely Gemma as the workshop model for the day. An example I have posted on the left. The big things I took from the workshop is the lighting set ups how the difference between constant and flash lighting effects the image and the aperture and how having a wide aperture really can make the image and I think is use makes a good bourdoir image different from Glamour or pin up etc etc. I also realised that I really could do with a good speedlight flash gun but that will come in time.

Again I have learnt a lot from the Andrews and the others attending this course. I enjoyed it and went away again with more knowledge and ideas than when I joined and that is the mark of a good workshop. That may seem rather obvious but I have been to many workshops on various subjects and left thinking what on earth did I join that for!

Last weekend I attended another studio day at Saracen House but I will discuss this in its own special post you will see why when you read it.

Happy Snapping


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Two blogs in a week https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2013/6/two-blogs-in-week Hello there friends

I hope this blog finds you all well :-)

So I just thought I would write another blog this week as I have been busy updating and tinkering with my website.

I was reviewing my places galleries and thought 'I have far more pictures of landscapes architecture etc etc than that'  I don't think I have reposted them since I changed my website provider in January. So I've been busy adding some more galleries and uploading pictures to them. I've tried to group them together in the types of property or location. For instance I have a group called National Trust and one for English Heritage and i have their respective properties in galleries under those groups. I have also created a London Group, an International Group and an in and around Bedford Group. I have quite a few pictures of Bedford, its parks, the Embankment, in the snow etc that putting them all in one big group I didn't think did them justice so I decided to split them I might change my mind on that though.

The vast majority of my landscape 'Places' pictures where taken early on in my photography journey so my next plan is to revisit these places and see whether my technique and know how has improved. Although I have not really concentrated on this type of photography I think I should. I certainly have better lens and better knowledge of my camera since I started.

On the Portraits group front I have removed some of the galleries I was no longer happy with. Either they were poorly edited or the standard of picture doesn't meet the standard I have now set myself. I suppose that shows how far I have come in just over two years. Since going on Andrew Appleton's Fashion & Beauty Workshop at Saracen House in February I feel my portrait work has improved a couple of notches, actually since I have been attending studio days at Saracen House they have improved but something clicked in February. What I learnt on this workshop was not just the theory and lighting set ups I think I came away with a different mental approach to my photo shoots (and maybe my photography in general) an increased confidence in that I can do this, whether this was intended or not this is what I have taken away from it so either way i think it has certainly worked for me.  Now all I have to do is consolidate this knowledge and confidence so i can get myself ready for when I can afford to take the next leap forward.

You may also have noticed that I have changed the font across all the pages that I am able to. I think this font gives a friendly softer feel I hope you find that to :-)

Okay so that's pretty much it for my second blog of the week
Take care all and happy snapping


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and about bloomin' time too https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2013/6/and-about-bloomin-time-too Hi everybody

My aim of writing a blog regularly really has gone out of the window :-(

So what have I been up to? well I've been very busy :-)

I managed to get some pictures of bluebells. The picture on the right was taken at Moggerhanger Park, near Bedford. This picture was taken with Sonja's Fuji compact camera I didn't take my Nikon what a school boy error that was :-(





The picture on the left was taken at Greenwood Park near St Albans. The bluebells here are quite stunning I just wished I had a macro lens to make the most of them. Another item on the shopping list.



On Sunday 26th May I attended the Duxford Spring Airshow. The main aim was to see the Fabulous RAF Red Arrows. A fantastic day a brilliant airshow.

The Eagle Squadron and Sally-B American Airmen Tribute 2013



The show started off with a flypast of the Eagle Squadron and Sally-B a F-17 Bomber. Sally-B is based at Duxford and is unfortunately the last B-17 flying in Europe.



The Red Arrows - who else


And the show ended with the fantasticly brilliant Red Arrows. They are back to their 9 ship formation and their 30 minute display was simply breathtaking.



Other than being out and about I have had the pleasure of attending a couple of studio days at Saracen House. Both these ladies are new to me and both are great models to work with a very fun pleasureable hour taking pictures was had.



This is the lovely Stephanie Knight. I enjoyed working with Stephanie a super model.






On Saturday I had the pleasure of Emma Kate Dawson's company for an hour. Really should have booked two :-)






So that's what I have been up in the past couple of months. Coming up I have shoots with Katie Green, Amber Tutton and Jo Louise Moore.

I hope this blog finds you all well

Happy Snapping




the.photographer@dannysdollymixtures.co.uk (Daniel Seabrook Photography) Blog Danny's Dolly Mixtures https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2013/6/and-about-bloomin-time-too Tue, 25 Jun 2013 17:00:00 GMT
Happy Easter https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2013/3/Happy-Easter Hello everyone and happy Easter to those that celebrate it

I've just realised that I have blogged for over two months how slack am I :-( 

So what's been going on in my photography world?

Well in February I attended the Beauty and Fashion workshop by Andrew Appleton at Saracen House Studio.  It was a great workshop with some great people attending as well as Andrew himself and Emma the model and Claire the MUA. I have learnt a lot on that course it was very busy and i got some good shots and some good ideas but I wasn't able to put these ideas into practice until last Sunday.

I was first on at Seska J's model day at Saracen House last Sunday you can view some of the pictures in the portrait gallery area. Now Andrew at Saracen house had to jog my memory a bit on some of the things that I was taught on the workshop but I remembered eventually and I am really pleased with some of the pictures. Seska as always was great to work with if you get a chance to shoot with her grab it you won't regret it!

So this week I have been off work but the weather hasn't really been good enough to go out but yesterday morning was lovely and sunny so we ventured out to Harrold-Odell Country Park. This is one of my favourite places to go for a walk with camera in hand. I was lucky enough to see some swans flying over to land on the main lake and I managed to get one or two good pictures. I have added them to the Harrold-Odell gallery in the wildlife section :-) I really wished I had taken my super-zoom lens with me as I missed some shots which I could have got with it. Never mind I will be there again!!

In the next few months I have many shoots coming up and hopefully I will attend another Andrew Appleton workshop too if my bank balance allows me that is.

I hope you all have a good break I always think Easter is the best bank holidays of the year.

Take care and happy snapping


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I've been busy https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2013/1/ive-been-busy Hello everyone

So since I have moved my website to Zenfolio I have been very busy as some of you will have seen. I now have just under 1700 pictures uploaded and I have been very chosey in which ones I add too!

So I have decided to go with the Unlimited option which still has the Zenfolio logo on my site but I can upload as many images as i like and each image can be any size up to something like 30mb. Not that I will add images of that size, my RAW files aren't that big!! However, it does mean that all the images that I had on my old website which I had to keep small as I had a limited amount of a available I will need to recreate.

I have not found the best resolution yet :-( which is why you may find some of my images not appearing great in slideshow mode I will as time goes on update the files to a standasize once I have found a resolution size that meets all requirements.

On the photography front I haven't been able to do much with the weather. The snow does look pretty but I haven't been around at the right time to make the best use of it :-( Quite disappointing really. I've managed to take some pictures of the Robins and Blue Tits feeding in my garden but that is about it unfortunately :-( 

On Saturday 12th January I went to An evening with the stars at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. This was a fabulous evening only ruined by the weather. However I did have the opportunity to take some snaps with the little Fuji and they have been added to the London gallery.

This weekend I have a photoshoot at Saracen house where else. That reminds me need to think of some ideas for that shoot :-) Hopefully over the next few weeks the days will be getting longer and I will be able to get out on the way home from work for a few wildlife shots.

oh and talking about wildlife I am taking part in the RSPB's Big Garden bird watch  this weekend. It only takes an hour so go have a look and join in!

Anyway thats my lunchtime nearly up so I'll be signing off now

Happy Snapping



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Welcome to my new website https://www.dannysdollymixtures.co.uk/blog/2013/1/my-new-website  

Good evening all

I have finally got fed up with Moonfruit and decided to change my website provider. They realised an image gallery product where I couldn't add more than 20 pictures like what is the point in that. Anyway I have chosen to go with Zenfolio.com as it is specific for photography and Moonfruit is blatantly not.

So I hope you people like the new site :-) I think it’s a lot better than my old one :-) certainly it shows off my pictures better. It will take a while to build up. The majority of pictures have been brought straight across from my Moonfruit site however as I have 4 times the amount of space on Zenfolio.com I will be replacing them with better quality and larger images.

So not much else has been happening in my photography world of late, hopefully this weekend I will be able to get some pictures in London. In the coming weeks I have a few things on the pipeline :-) 

Anyway have a good week all

Happy snapping




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