My Photography Story 

I thought I would take you through my road to photography. 

I have always had an interest in photography going back to being 10 or 11 I had my own 35mm film camera. I remember going on a school trip to Normandy and I spent most of my pocket money on films. There was a common theme in most of them I'm sure she remembers we are still friends today 30 years or so later so i couldn't have been that bad! However back in those days the cost of films, processing & equipment put me off (Well it put my parents off) quite a bit!! I was playing football and wanted new boots every other week so my photography hobby had to lay dormant for many years.

In the next 20 years or so I always had a camera and I loved taking photos but hated the hassle of getting my films developed and the disappointment of taking a crap picture not being able to try again instantly. That missed opportunity. I found it so so frustrating! So the birth of the digital photography age really came at a good time for me. 

I had a couple of quite simple and relatively cheap point and shoot digital cameras, they did what they all do but it wasn't until I attended the annual  Stunt Day at Santa Pod Raceway, Northamptonshire in February 2011 that I realised I needed and wanted something better, much much better than a point and shoot. We were watching a couple of motorcyclists doing stunts off a ramp I was having to press the shutter button while he was still on the ground hurtling towards the ramp in the vain hope that when the shutter released he would be in mid air performing a stunt in the middle of my shot. It was next to  impossible!
So in March 2011 I took the plunge and with the help of my parents and the lovely Sonja I purchased my first DSLR camera. I had no idea what to get no idea at all so I ended up getting the Nikon D3100 as every review at the time said it was the best entry level DSLR camera available. It seemed a good reason at the time. I went, like most people do when they start photography, fully into the hobby, buying stuff here there and everywhere. Not really knowing what I was doing why I was buying it, i just had to have it all or so I thought. This was a big regret and massive mistake but we all learn. 

So I have tried pretty much all types of photography. I have tried a wedding that was enjoyable but stressful and never to repeated. I think I could do it but the market is swamped with people trying to be wedding photographers why would I be any different I don't think I have the dedication for that, I have enough stress in my day job! I've attended a number of courses mainly around portraiture photography, fashion, boudoir and night photography being the 3 I can remember. I also attended a wedding photography day. It was too full on for I didn't gain enough I don't think I needed a more 1-2-1 type training/knowledge sharing course.

So 6 years on I can now concentrate on Aviation (airshows) Scapes (land,sea,city), Travel and Wildlife. Although I really would like to try macro and Astro photography. The later is on the 2017 bucket list!

I have upgraded my camera now, the D3100 is now George's not that he seems to use it much. I now have a Nikon D7100 which does more things out of the tin than the D3100. I love this camera it's so versatile yet still light enough to carry around with me. I have cut back on number of lenses I own and pretty much moved away from expensive Nikon lenses to cheap but I think just as good Sigma lenses. The new line of lenses from Sigma are extremely good so it's not worth spending the extra on the Nikon lenses in my opinion.

I would love the new D500 it's on my Amazon wish list but Father Christmas hasn't seen it yet. This would nirvana for me

On this site you will see pretty much everything I have taken since 2011. 

Happy snapping