Hello there & thank you for visiting my 'About Me' page

Who am I

I’m Danny and I’m an photographer living in Bedford, England. I’m not a professional photographer it's a hobby a serious hobby for me. I enjoy taking photographs of various things but I'm never going to take it up professionally.

What I like to Photograph

As you look around can see from this website I enjoy most types of photography however I think I enjoy doing 'scapes' of Land, Sea, City the most. I have been fortunate to visit great places for this from Cappadocia in Turkey, to Venice in Italy to the Highlands in Scotland. All very beautiful in their own rights and fabulous to spend taking photographs of!

Air craft especially Second World War warbirds are a passion of mine so I like to mix two of my favourite hobbies together by going to airshows. I'm in a little Danny wonderland at these :-) I've had the pleasure of shooting the XH558 the last flying Vulcan bomber on a number of occasions and I actually attended her last airshow display at Shuttleworth but perhaps the highlight was seeing the last two Lancaster bombers in flight together over Little Gransden Airfield. However nothing really compares to seeing those 9 red hawks of the RAF Display team!! I get awestruck every time I see them.

My second favourite hobby to mix with photography is wildlife, I will include Zoo animals in that. I love going to good zoos to Photograph the many animals. I will be writing a review piece on the various zoos I have visited and there merits for photography not all zoos are design for those of us with a camera in their hand sadly. RSPB nature reserves are another good source for wildlife photography and I am regularly down at their HQ at the Lodge near Sandy to take in the fabulous grounds and wildlife.

Finally I like working with people or portraiture as I call it. I have in the past worked in studios (mainly Saracen House Studio in Old Stratford) where I've had shoots with various models. Mostly fabulous ones I have to say but I gave up portraiture work last summer (2016) as I got a little tired of the cash cow mentality of most of the young models. Too many are just after your money and are not willing to work hard for it in return, that is how I felt anyway so it was time to step away... I'm thinking of returning to it later this year I miss working in the studio. 

Oh and I nearly forgot sports how could I forget sports. As most people that know me well know that I am sport mad. From football cricket and rugby to F1 MotoGP and cycling I pretty much love all sport and where I can I will take me camera. 

What else I like to do

Well as I have just mentioned I'm a bit of a sport mad individual and Sonja often complains of being a football widow since Watford were promoted to the Premier League. I haven't missed many games in the past two seasons. I have been a supporter for 38 years or more. I also follow Middlesex cricket, Saracens Rugby, Hoffenhein in Germany, F1, BTCC, MotoGP, World and British Superbikes to name a few sports. 

Lastly and this probably something that defines me more than anything is motorcycles. I have been riding since I passed my CBT test back in February 1992. I currently own a Triumph Sprint GT 1050 called Shakespeare (Shakey for short) it's my pride and joy and I will ride whenever I get the opportunity.

So that's me, thanks for reading I hope you enjoy my work if you please let me know either on the guest pages or by messaging me on Facebook or tweeting me on Twitter.

Happy snapping